postheadericon Devil, And Why Brown People Always Die First

 One of the few movies with "devil" in the title that's actually about the Devil.

I chose to watch Devil over Buried. The decision seemed rational at the time. Buried is a one-word-title movie about some person stuck in a claustrophobic setting and features a Canadian guy. Devil is a one-word-title movie about some persons stuck in a claustrophobic setting, is written by a brown guy, and has a main character that looks like a brown guy. Dividing both sides by their common elements, I was left to decide whether 2(brown guys) + some other people > 1(Canadian guy). The answer was certainly yes. Unfortunately the first brown guy died, and the second was M. Night Shymalan. 

Rather than giving away the twist ten minutes into the movie like in The Happening, M. Night outdoes himself by giving it away before the movie even begins. Not that Devil will admit it; it kept trying to insinuate these alternative explanations which were completely unconvincing. “Maybe the killer is the guy with the violent past! Or the shady guy who is unaccounted for!” suggested Devil. No Devil. I may have been dumb enough to watch you, but I’m not that dumb. Your movie poster has a demonic light coming from an elevator. The bumbling, overly-religious ethnic stereotype that everyone discounts but later realises is right said it was the Devil. The movie is called Devil. I’m pretty sure who the killer is.

And the Devil’s plan didn’t even make sense. It is revealed at the end of the movie that the Devil has come to punish those who have not repented for their sins. Um, excuse me Mr. Prince of Darkness? Shouldn’t you have waited for them to live out their natural lives? Isn’t it kind of hard for them to repent when you went ahead and killed them before they had a chance to repent? And if you wanted to kill them, why did you have to pretend to be a human and kill them one at a time? You could’ve, I don’t know, dropped the elevator and killed them all at once. Or forgot about the elevator altogether and dropped a bag of sand on them when they were sleeping. Also, why did the opening credits have the camera zooming around the city? Is that supposed to signify that you can fly, or did you inhabit the body of a pigeon?

So in summary, Devil was like an Agatha Christie mystery, except the identity of the killer is given away in the title. And all the characters are idiots. And Agatha Christie was replaced by an evangelical Christian.