postheadericon Chrono Phantasma

I don't know what Chrono Phantasma even means, but I'm excited.

postheadericon Flight Movie

Pfft. I landed a plane upside down in a Buttonville simulator back in '99.

postheadericon Baroque Eyes - Moo Piyasombatkul

What do you get when you mix modern styling with classic garniture? An interior design degree! That or these glasses by Moo Piyasombatkul - lovingly known as Moo Pie by probably no one.

postheadericon Chess With Friends

I downloaded the Chess With Friends app, but since none of my friends play chess, it's more like Chess With Randos. Nevertheless, it has been a goldmine of hilarious games. Here is one where I trolled with the Evans Gambit

postheadericon New Book Idea

postheadericon Haute Pooch-ure?

Okay that barely made sense but Lanvin and Givenchy are featuring dogs this fall, although the Lanvin dog looks much more cuddly.

postheadericon Cinemagraph

My attempt at a cinemagraph. This was my first time working with a GIF (seriously though, what non-forum troll purpose do they have?) so I kind of messed it up. I shot this at 30 fps, whereas GIFs should be much lower - around 5-10. The resulting file size was so huge I had to lower the quality considerably to get it to play.

At any (frame) rate, it is a very cool technique that I'm going to try more in the future.

postheadericon Bathing Suit Irony

postheadericon Seashells

Blah blah blah pretentious black and white photo. Whatever.

postheadericon Limitless

 The Social Network and Limitless have taught me quite a few things about intelligent people: they like wearing collared shirts, they talk too quickly, and they are irresistible to women when they are successful and hopeless losers when they are not. Also they like talking about algorithms.

postheadericon Pre-Prey Info


The Certain Prey shooting begins tomorrow! Having TV shows and movies filmed at the Thompson is obviously a bit of an inconvenience - what with the road blockages, bright lights, and teamsters yelling swears at all hours of the day - but it's all worth it if it contributes to Toronto's cultural capital, right?

postheadericon ... And Heavy-D Up in the Limousine

The store in the background is called "Salt & Pepper" and all the cars are either black or white? Madness.

postheadericon Mario unboxing?

postheadericon Raf Simons Wide Leg Trousers

Quickly: which shot is of the front and which shot is of the back? Exactly.

postheadericon CSI: Toronto

So a guy came into the subway with absurdly large shoes. So large in fact that I had to take a picture. Unfortunately the iPhone’s extremely wide angle lens skews the perspective of the picture considerably – although still large in the picture, the shoes were much larger in real life. Without the picture, there is no way for me to convey how hilariously massive this individual’s shoes were… or is there?

postheadericon Adobe Technology Sneaks 2011: Warp Stabilizer for AE

Pretty awesome. Unmentioned seems to be some sort of Content-Aware technology for the edges in place of motion tiling/repeating edge pixels. That's huge! Not just for stabilization but for camera shake, camera moves, and I'm sure some other things too.

postheadericon Mykita x Romain Kremer

Finally an accessory that meets the needs of those with shiny foreheads. However, I'm not sure how much UVA/UVB protection is provided by holes in plastic.

postheadericon Creepy? Hilarious? Awesome.

At least it looks warm..

postheadericon Gulliver's Travels

From the studio that brought you Night at the Museum comes.. pretty much the same movie. Starring Jack Black as Jack Black playing Jack Black.

postheadericon Devil, And Why Brown People Always Die First

 One of the few movies with "devil" in the title that's actually about the Devil.

I chose to watch Devil over Buried. The decision seemed rational at the time. Buried is a one-word-title movie about some person stuck in a claustrophobic setting and features a Canadian guy. Devil is a one-word-title movie about some persons stuck in a claustrophobic setting, is written by a brown guy, and has a main character that looks like a brown guy. Dividing both sides by their common elements, I was left to decide whether 2(brown guys) + some other people > 1(Canadian guy). The answer was certainly yes. Unfortunately the first brown guy died, and the second was M. Night Shymalan. 

postheadericon The iPhone 4's Camera, And Why It's Underwhelming

Megapixels in photography is sort of like GHz in computing. They're both commonly referred to units when discussing their respective devices. They're often the first and last thing novices use to gauge a device's worth. And they're both very misleading. Just like you can get a Pentium 4 up to 4 GHz and get week-long render times, you can use a 5 MP camera and still get crappy pictures. Case in point: the iPhone 4's camera. 

postheadericon Steelcase Walking Desk

I found this while looking for a desk.. Needless to say, if I went to an office that had these desks I would leave immediately.

postheadericon Mykita x Bernhard Willhelm

Mykita has yet to distribute to Canada. I sent an e-mail asking them if and when they plan on doing so - rather than answer my question, they signed me up to their newsletter. Normally I would be annoyed, but God do they make some nice sunglasses.

postheadericon Daylight for Windowless Rooms?

Daniel Rybakken is designing lighting fixtures in the shapes of parallelograms, which give the impression of sunlight coming in through a window and reflecting off a surface. This light trickery, although totally artificial, might be just the thing to bring outdoor cheer into a gloomy indoor space.
I know someone who could use this.

postheadericon Mustang Worklog

What I actually did (AHHH!)

What the computer did for me (turbosmooth and materials)

I had a really detailed write up on Super Street Fighter IV, but due to some... unpleasantness.. surrounding my internet connection I was unable to post it before the game's release. Of course I could do what I did with my Oscar predictions and retroactively correct them, but instead I decided to create a worklog for a 1966 Mustang I'm trying to model.

postheadericon Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 came out in 2000, and quickly became known as one of the greatest fighters ever made.. for the 1% of people who knew how to play the damn thing. Everyone else (myself included) was like, "WTF?" Capcom recently announced MvC3 exactly ten years later. So what's the deal? Is Capcom just a bunch of idiots?

postheadericon Rook! Updates!

postheadericon Pawn-tus 3DS Maximus

In regards to that terrible title, I had an amazing pawn-related pun that I thought of last night which I now can't remember, so I'm using that as a placeholder until it comes back to me (pawns on me?). Seriously it was really funny.

postheadericon Oscar Predictions

... I don't want to talk about it.

postheadericon A Real K'naan-drum

Ignore that title. They're featuring K'naan's "Wavin' Flag" quite a bit recently - Haiti relief, the Olympics, the World Cup - and I honestly have no idea what the lyrics mean.

When I get older, 
I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom, 

Just like a waving flag
And then it goes back, 

And then it goes back,
And then it goes back

And then what goes back? This is the greatest lyric-related mystery since the thing that Meatloaf won't do for love.