postheadericon Raf Simons Wide Leg Trousers

Quickly: which shot is of the front and which shot is of the back? Exactly.

postheadericon CSI: Toronto

So a guy came into the subway with absurdly large shoes. So large in fact that I had to take a picture. Unfortunately the iPhone’s extremely wide angle lens skews the perspective of the picture considerably – although still large in the picture, the shoes were much larger in real life. Without the picture, there is no way for me to convey how hilariously massive this individual’s shoes were… or is there?

postheadericon Adobe Technology Sneaks 2011: Warp Stabilizer for AE

Pretty awesome. Unmentioned seems to be some sort of Content-Aware technology for the edges in place of motion tiling/repeating edge pixels. That's huge! Not just for stabilization but for camera shake, camera moves, and I'm sure some other things too.