postheadericon Love in Paris, And a Solution to Google-Induced Stupidity

A short story about a man falling in love with a girl, told through Google searches. What struck me was how plausible it was, by which I'm referring to someone getting their life information from a search engine, not falling in love - although I'm sure that happens too. This at once shows 1) how robust Google's search engine is, and more importantly, 2) how stupid it has made us.

postheadericon The Curious Case of royknox7

This guy develops in reverse. Or not at all. Does anyone think this case was curious?

postheadericon The Reader, And Why Reading is Sexy

postheadericon How to Backup Your iPod and Have a Civilised Music Folder

Having unorganised music is no better than owning this.

People ask me all the time how they can transfer their iPod's music to their computer and/or organise their unsightly music folder. Well no - actually I've only been asked that once but I thought it was a good question.

postheadericon Blitz Loss

More nonsense from the land of blitz where questionable openings reign supreme. Well at least in blitz you lose quickly.