postheadericon Devil, And Why Brown People Always Die First

 One of the few movies with "devil" in the title that's actually about the Devil.

I chose to watch Devil over Buried. The decision seemed rational at the time. Buried is a one-word-title movie about some person stuck in a claustrophobic setting and features a Canadian guy. Devil is a one-word-title movie about some persons stuck in a claustrophobic setting, is written by a brown guy, and has a main character that looks like a brown guy. Dividing both sides by their common elements, I was left to decide whether 2(brown guys) + some other people > 1(Canadian guy). The answer was certainly yes. Unfortunately the first brown guy died, and the second was M. Night Shymalan. 

postheadericon The iPhone 4's Camera, And Why It's Underwhelming

Megapixels in photography is sort of like GHz in computing. They're both commonly referred to units when discussing their respective devices. They're often the first and last thing novices use to gauge a device's worth. And they're both very misleading. Just like you can get a Pentium 4 up to 4 GHz and get week-long render times, you can use a 5 MP camera and still get crappy pictures. Case in point: the iPhone 4's camera.