postheadericon Love in Paris, And a Solution to Google-Induced Stupidity

A short story about a man falling in love with a girl, told through Google searches. What struck me was how plausible it was, by which I'm referring to someone getting their life information from a search engine, not falling in love - although I'm sure that happens too. This at once shows 1) how robust Google's search engine is, and more importantly, 2) how stupid it has made us.

Take the guy in the video as an example. He looks up "churches in Paris". Really? You've been to Paris at least twice now and haven't seen one church? By the end of the video I was expecting him to Google "how to conceive a baby".

Maybe I'm making a big deal of this, but I think enough is enough. Not only are they making us less knowledgeable, search engines are also making us less social. Before if you wanted to know something you'd have to ask a buddy or a colleague, instigating what is known as a conversation (go ahead, Google it. I'll wait). The ability to look something up in an instant removes this need. So why bother with friends? Google's smarter, faster, better looking, won't come to your house and ask to smoke on your balcony and... wait. What was I saying?

Anyways, I've come up with a solution. People can still use search engines, but their searches are made public. That way you can be like, "Wow Steve. You had to look up the capital of Botswana? Gosh you're thick." In order to not look stupid, people will have to commit more and more things to memory; basically we'll be forced to indirectly learn. Public shame will save us all! As a side effect, this might also assuage internet porn addiction, which in turn will decrease the number of blind and save millions in governmental restitution due to wanker's cramp. Everyone wins!


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