postheadericon Google Maps Street View, And Why You No Longer Have an Excuse to Get Lost

Google Maps Street View has finally launched in Canada.

Already quite popular in the US, GMSV gives you a fly-by-wire view of select city streets. The cities included as of now are Toronto, as well as Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Kitchener, Waterloo, Montreal, Quebec City, and Halifax. No London. The project started in 2007, and is literally millions of still photos seamlessly stitched together. It's really, really cool.

To those crying foul about invasion of privacy, Google responds that people forfeit their rights by walking on the streets... I don't remember reading that in the Charter (maybe I can Google it?). Anyways, cars and faces are obscured, and unless you were, I don't know, robbing a bank the time the photo was taken you really have nothing to complain about.

Above is a video of me navigating around the UofT campus to the Munk Centre. Did I mention that it was awesome?


Bokbokcor said...

Yes it is awesome