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The Certain Prey shooting begins tomorrow! Having TV shows and movies filmed at the Thompson is obviously a bit of an inconvenience - what with the road blockages, bright lights, and teamsters yelling swears at all hours of the day - but it's all worth it if it contributes to Toronto's cultural capital, right?

Although it may be a bit premature to judge, Certain Prey seems far from an artistic gem. The movie is based on the book of the same, and involves a contract killer who gets into the business because she did not feel any remorse after brutally murdering the man who raped her. No, I'm not making this up. Literally moments after bludgeoning her rapist to death with a baseball bat, she is approached by an individual who says, "Hey, you handled that pretty well. Want to make a career out of it?" I guess Monster was a bit of a downer. I'm glad a movie is finally coming out and showing the positive side of sexual assault victims who peruse a career in serial killing.

Actually I don't even feel like I need to talk about how bad this movie sounds. Here is the synopsis that they posted in our elevators:

Clara Rinker is a southerner, trim pleasant, attractive - and the best hit woman in the business. It's when she's hired for a job in Minnesota that things become complicated for her. A defense attorney wants a rival eliminated, and that's fine. But then a witness survives, the attorney starts acting weird, this big cop Davenport gets on her case, and loose ends begin popping up faster than a sweater unraveling. Clara hates loose ends, and knows of only one way to deal with them: You start cutting them off, one after another, until they're all gone.

The last part doesn't even make sense! Is the rate of loose ends popping up similar to the speed at which a sweater unravels? Or are the loose popping up similar to those of an unraveling sweater? And don't you tie up loose ends, not cut them off? Tying up loose ends connotes addressing outstanding problems. What does cutting them off mean? Ignoring them?